Car Showrooms in India

Mitsubishi Car Showrooms in India

Mitsubishi Car Showrooms in India - Find a list of Mitsubishi Car Showrooms in India along with their Service Centre available in your nearest area and city with their Address, Contact person, Phone Numbers, Fax Number, Email IDs etc.

Mitsubishi cars price starts at Rs. 28.20 lakh for the cheapest car Pajero Sport and goes up to Rs. 32.27 lakh for the top model Mitsubishi Outlander. Mitsubishi offers 2 new car models in India. Pajero Sport (Rs. 28.20 lakh), Outlander (Rs. 32.27 lakh) and are among the popular cars from Mitsubishi. In the year 2018/2019, Mitsubishi is going to launch 3 new models in India. Select a Mitsubishi car to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Mitsubishi Car Showrooms in India

Mitsubishi - Popular Cars in India

  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
  • Mitsubishi Outlander

About Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Group is a group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries.It is historically descended from the Mitsubishi zaibatsu, a unified company which existed from 1870, founded by Iwasaki Yatarō, to 1947 and was disbanded during the occupation of Japan following World War II. The former constituents of the company continue to share the Mitsubishi brand and trademark. Although the group companies participate in limited business cooperation, most famously through monthly "Friday Conference" executive meetings, they are formally independent and are not under common control. The four main companies in the group are MUFG Bank (the largest bank in Japan), Mitsubishi Corporation (a general trading company), Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (both being diversified manufacturing companies).

In 1881, the company bought into coal mining by acquiring the Takashima Mine, followed by Hashima Island in 1890, using the production to fuel their extensive steamship fleet. They also diversified into shipbuilding, banking, insurance, warehousing, and trade. Later diversification carried the organization into such sectors as paper, steel, glass, electrical equipment, aircraft, oil, and real estate. As Mitsubishi built a broadly based conglomerate, it played a central role in the modernization of Japanese industry.

In February 1921, the Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing Company in Nagoya invited British Sopwith Camel designer Herbert Smith, along with several other former Sopwith engineers to assist in creating an aircraft manufacturing division. After moving to Japan, they designed the Mitsubishi 1MT, Mitsubishi B1M, Mitsubishi 1MF, and Mitsubishi 2MR.

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