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EV Electric Car and Scooter Charging Stations In India - As India's Go Green Campaign, we have a list of Electric Vehicles Charging Station in India for Car and Scooters (Scooty). All Details are available with type of Chargers, Charging Station Address and Locations.

EV Charging Stations In India

EV Charging Stations in Andaman and Nicobar Island

EV Charging Stations in Andhra Pradesh

EV Charging Stations in Arunachal Pradesh

EV Charging Stations in Assam

EV Charging Stations in Bihar

EV Charging Stations in Chandigarh

EV Charging Stations in Chhattisgarh

EV Charging Stations in Dadra & Nagar Haveli

EV Charging Stations in Daman and Diu

EV Charging Stations in Delhi

EV Charging Stations in Goa

EV Charging Stations in Gujarat

EV Charging Stations in Haryana

EV Charging Stations in Himachal Pradesh

EV Charging Stations in Jammu and Kashmir

EV Charging Stations in Jharkhand

EV Charging Stations in Karnataka

EV Charging Stations in Kerala

EV Charging Stations in Lakshadweep

EV Charging Stations in Madhya Pradesh

EV Charging Stations in Maharashtra

EV Charging Stations in Manipur

EV Charging Stations in Meghalaya

EV Charging Stations in Mizoram

EV Charging Stations in Nagaland

EV Charging Stations in Odisha

EV Charging Stations in Pondicherry

EV Charging Stations in Punjab

EV Charging Stations in Rajasthan

EV Charging Stations in Sikkim

EV Charging Stations in Tamil Nadu

EV Charging Stations in Telangana

EV Charging Stations in Tripura

EV Charging Stations in Uttar Pradesh

EV Charging Stations in Uttarakhand

EV Charging Stations in West Bengal

What are Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations?

A plug-in electric car charging station is a station or area with a charging outlet that is designed to meet the power needs of a plug-in electric vehicle. Everyone thinks of battery electric vehicles (which operate solely on batteries). However, an electric vehicle is much more than that. Other electric cars, such as hybrid electric vehicles with socket-chargeable batteries, are included in this category. So, can a charging station be turned into a charging point? Yes, assuming your power output is sufficient and you have sufficient parking space. It's possibly possible that the vehicle is a tiny bicycle.

Why Should EV Charging Stations Be Installed in India?

Range anxiety is one of the most significant barriers to widespread EV adoption. A traveller who desires to travel to a faraway location is filled with doubt. A long-distance traveller will constantly doubt the implications of running out of battery juice if there isn't a solid network of charges. This isn't simply true for long-distance passengers; it may also be true for city travellers. What would she do if the car ran out of gas before she arrived at her office? One of the roadblocks to widespread EV adoption is these questions.

We may consider utilising very big batteries to overcome this problem. To some extent, though, this may not be achievable. We may be limited by the vehicle's weight, cost, and space. The second option is to persuade the client that there are enough charging stations across the city for them to utilise if they run out of power. This will need the establishment of a nationwide network of chargers. Another argument for public charging stations is that not all city dwellers have enough ports or room to charge all of their automobiles overnight. As a result, public charging stations will be required.

Companies in India that provide electric vehicle charging stations

If you've been inspired by this post and wish to open a charging station in India, please contact us. The following is a list of electric vehicle charging station firms in India that you may contact –

List of EV Charging stations companies in India

  • Exicom Power systems | Gurgaon
  • P2 power solution | Noida
  • Magneta Group | Navi Mumbai
  • TATA power | Mumbai
  • Okaya power group | Delhi
  • Numocity | Bangalore
  • Volttic | Noida
  • Charge+zone | Vadodara
  • ChargeMyGaadi | Delhi
  • EVQPoint | Bengaluru

Setting up Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in India Is Expensive

Let's look at the expense of setting up a charging station now that you've decided to do so. The cost of installing a charging station varies greatly. It may cost anywhere from a thousand to ten lakhs of rupees. But, you might wonder, why is there such a big difference. The cost of a charging station is mostly determined by the charging standard utilised and the power output you require (or, in other words, how fast you want a battery to get a charge).

Charger Type
Output Power (KW)
Cost of Charger
Bharat AC-001
Bharat DC-001
Type 2 AC

Non-subsidized PCS NPV and IRR vs. 100% subsidised charger cost

Aside from the cost of the charger, the station has other criteria. As a result, you should think about,

New Electricity Connection


Civil Works




Land Lease


What are the requirements for establishing a charging infrastructure?

  • Adequate space for vehicles to park for the duration of charging
  • Local certifications.
  • Appropriate civil works
  • Proximity to a transformer
  • Connection to a renewable source if a transformer is not available

Any individual/Entity setting up a PCS will need to have the following minimum infrastructure as described in the notification:

Minimum Requirements for Charging Infrastructure (PCI)

Charger Type
Charger Connectors
Rated Voltage (V)
No. Of Charging Points/No. of Connector Guns (CG)
Fast Charging
CCS (Min 50 KW)
1/1 CG
CHAdeMO (Min 50KW)
1/1 CG
Type-2 AC (Min 22 KW)
1/1 CG
Bharat DC-001 (15 KW)
1/1 CG
Bharat AC-001 (10 KW)
3/3 CG of 3.3 KW each

In India, there is a franchise for electric vehicle charging stations

Using Fransicesy's suggestions for establishing a charging station in India might be an excellent alternative, as it can provide you with additional benefits. Franchises can assist you in setting up charging stations in India, as well as provide guidance on regulatory regulations.

The companies listed below provide EV charging station franchises and may assist you in setting up charging stations in India

  • Charge+Zone | Vadodara
  • Dyna Hi-tech power systems | Navi Mumbai
  • PlugNGo | Noida
  • Tata Power | Mumbai
  • Statiq | Harayana

Setting up Charging Stations Has Many Advantages

What are some of the advantages of putting charging stations in place?

  • The demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly in India and globally too, India is all set to replace ICE vehicles with EVs in the next coming years. And electric vehicles need charging stations to keep them going. In simple words, setting up charging can be a revenue-generating asset – as is Future Electric.
  • Other benefits can be that you can play a vital role in helping the community to go electric by reducing range anxiety by installing charging stations around (in essential areas/metro cities) as range anxiety is one of the major Drawbacks in the global automobile sector.
  • And you can help India to Go green – and that can be a major benefit to you.

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