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Hero MotoCorp Bikes in India - At, you can see the upcoming Hero MotoCorp Bikes in India for , , 2023, 2024, 2024, 2025, as well as the Hero MotoCorp Top Selling and Popular Bikes Of The Year 2019, , and more. The cheapest Hero bike, the HF Deluxe, costs Rs. 38,900 and the most expensive model, the Hero XPulse 200, costs Rs. 1.05 lakh. In India, Hero has introduced 21 new motorcycle models. Hero's popular bikes are the Splendor Plus (Rs. 51,790), HF Deluxe (Rs. 38,900), and Glamour (Rs. 62,600). Hero will introduce three new cars in India in 2019/. Choose a Hero bike to see the most recent offerings in your city, as well as pricing, variations, specs, photos, mileage, and customer reviews.

About Hero MotoCorp Motorcycles

Hero MotoCorp Bikes in India - Hero India offers a total of 29 bikes. These consist of 2 Hero upcoming bikes and 27 new Hero bikes in India.. The list of Hero bike models in the country comprises 16 commuter bikes, 3 sports bikes, 6 scooter , 2 off road bikes. Some of the popular Hero bikes in India include Hero Splendor Plus, Hero HF Deluxe i3s, Hero Super Splendor, Hero XPulse 200, Hero Passion Pro i3S, Hero Xtreme 200S, Hero XPulse 200T, Hero Passion Pro 110, Hero Glamour, Hero HF Deluxe, Hero Glamour 125, Hero Splendor iSMART 110, Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Pleasure, Hero Glamour Programmed FI, Hero Xtreme Sports, Hero Passion Xpro, Hero Karizma ZMR, Hero Splendor Pro, Hero Xtreme 200R, Hero Pleasure Plus 110, Hero Duet, Hero Destini 125, Hero Achiever, Hero Splendor iSmart, Hero HF Dawn, Hero HF Deluxe Eco, Hero Maestro Edge 125. As of December 2019, Hero has a total of 887 dealerships spread across 485 cities in India.

Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (Formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd.) is located in India and is the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer. In 2001, the firm was named the 'World No. 1' two-wheeler company in terms of unit volume sales in a calendar year, as well as the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India. Hero MotoCorp Ltd. has maintained its position to this day.

2019 Hero Bike Models Price List in India

Models Price Starts *
Hero Splendor Plus ₹ 52,941 Ex-showroom*
Hero HF Deluxe i3s ₹ 50,528 Ex-showroom*
Hero Super Splendor ₹ 61,186 Ex-showroom*
Hero XPulse 200 ₹ 1.08 L Ex-showroom*
Hero Passion Pro i3S ₹ 62,033 Ex-showroom*
Hero Xtreme 200S ₹ 1.1 L Ex-showroom*
Hero XPulse 200T ₹ 1.05 L Ex-showroom*
Hero Passion Pro ₹ 62,588 Ex-showroom*
Hero Glamour ₹ 65,020 Ex-showroom*
Hero HF Deluxe ₹ 46,175 Ex-showroom*
Hero Splendor iSMART 110 ₹ 59,745 Ex-showroom*
Hero Maestro Edge ₹ 53,469 Ex-showroom*
Hero Pleasure ₹ 49,452 Ex-showroom*
Hero Glamour Fi ₹ 71,229 Ex-showroom*
Hero Passion Xpro ₹ 63,751 Ex-showroom*
Hero Xtreme 200R ₹ 96,075 Ex-showroom*
Hero Pleasure Plus 110 ₹ 53,286 Ex-showroom*
Hero Duet ₹ 50,668 Ex-showroom*
Hero Destini 125 ₹ 61,056 Ex-showroom*
Hero Achiever ₹ 70,383 Ex-showroom*
Hero Maestro Edge 125 ₹ 65,125 Ex-showroom*

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