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Harley Davidson Upcoming Bikes Under Rs 4 Lakh

Harley Davidson Upcoming Bikes Under Rs 4 Lakh - Find out the new and upcoming Harley Davidson motorcycles or bikes under Rs 4 Lakh with their expected price and launched date in India. We've compiled a list of all the forthcoming Harley Davidson bikes, along with estimated pricing and approximate launch dates. In the years -22, four bikes are expected to be released, including the Harley Davidson Multistrada 950, Harley Davidson Hypermotard 950, and Harley Davidson Monster. Find information about the most recent bike debuts in India, as well as a pricing list.

Harley Davidson 350


Harley Davidson 350

Expected Price

Rs. 2.50 Lakh*

Expected Launch Date

Feb, 2023

About Upcoming Harley Davidson 350 - The patent pictures for the Harley-Davidson 338R have been posted online. It appears to be quite identical to the production-ready version that was initially sighted in August. In collaboration with Qianjiang Motorcycle, the bike was designed for Asian markets. The chassis, suspension, brakes, and wheels will all be shared between the 338R and the Benelli 302S. By increasing the bore and stroke, the engine's displacement was raised from 300cc to 338cc. As a result, we could see an improvement in performance. The Benelli 302S, for example, has a 6-speed transmission and produces 38.06PS and 25.6Nm of torque.

An inverted front fork, rear monoshock, and petal discs on both ends are among the bike's quality foundations. Only if Harley-rumored Davidson's partnership with HeroMotoCorp pans out will the motorbike be launched in India. If everything goes according to plan, the next motorbike may cost between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh (ex-showroom).