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A Classic car is an old car. According to the Classic Car Club of America a car must be between 30 and 49 years old to be a Classic, while cars between 50 to 99 comes into pre-antique class, and car 200 years and older than comes in the Antique Class.

In UK, Classic Cars range starts from Veteran, to vintage, to post-vintage.

The Antique Automobile Club of America defines an antique car as 25 years or older. A Classic is defined as 20–45 years old.

At many American classic car shows, it starts from 30 to 60 years such as Chevrolet Bel-Air, Ford T-Bucket, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Deuce Coupe, and 1949 Ford, Cadillac V16 or pre-1940 Rolls-Royce models. Any cars from 1973 are defined as “Modern Customs”, “Exotics”, and “Collectibles”.


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